Who we are

We have many years of experience providing Health and Safety, Human Resource, Employee Relations, Risk Management, Change Management and Auditing services to industry and the Government nationwide.

Our consultants have held senior positions in some of the most reputable firms in Australia and across the Government, giving us the opportunity to work within many of the country's leading companies and departments on a diverse range of projects. This has not only provided us with the technical skills and business knowledge required to achieve results, but has provided us with an understanding of the commercial and policy realities facing businesses and the Government today.

In addition to consulting, we have the benefit of direct industry experience in human resources, OHS, policy development, auditing, change management, training and regulatory compliance.

As a team we are committed to providing expert consultative advice and deliver the best solution tailored specifically for your business with exceptional service. We achieve this through our rigorous quality assurance and recruitment of highly qualified professionals with a genuine understanding of your operating environment.

We adopt a fair and honest business approach by maintaining open communication, a sensible fee structure and respectful approach to confidential information.

What we do

Our focus is to help our clients manage potential risks and human resources issues, deliver training packages, ensure the health and safety of their staff and improve our client's productivity.

We work with you to gain an understanding of your business needs, and then help you establish an outlook for the future by examining key areas of your company's processes, procedures and employee culture. We will then deliver a solution that adds value today and drives future performance by assisting you to cost effectively improving processes and identify areas of non-compliance.

The team is driven by the challenge of evolving and adapting our business and services to meet the needs of an ever changing business environment. Our solutions are designed to fit individual business needs with services delivered through targeted consulting. We create further value by working in partnership with our clients by facilitating teamwork, communicating progress regularly and transferring skills to sustain improvements and benefits.

We have a proven track record, achieving results for a range of clients over a number of assignments. Please view our business case studies to see how we have helped some of our clients navigate and manage the often-complex matters of risk management, health and safety and human resources.

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“Consulting is all about good communication.”