Scott Paine Consulting Pty Ltd continues to deliver results to our clients because we are underpinned by our ethical and professional business principles. Our consultants have an enviable track record of project success across:

Health and Safety

Businesses have sought our assistance during the change to the national model legislation and we continue to assist those transitioning. Our understanding of the historical, current and future compliance frameworks ensures your business is up to date.

Our services are tailored to meet your specific business needs and incorporate the latest standards and techniques, allowing us to effectively deliver value to support your workplace OH&S objectives. We can help you assess, plan, manage and maintain safe and healthy workplaces. From individual training programs to the development of comprehensive information systems, we will deliver a solution that adds value today, with measurable and sustainable management strategies that drive improved performance for your business into the future.

The team has worked with a number of large organisations on training programs with senior management to ensure that best practice is implemented at multiple workplace sites. We assist our clients in achieving compliance with federal, state, and local OH&S regulations, and can also provide expert witness and litigation support.

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Human Resources & Employment Relations

With significant experience and qualifications in human resources and employment relations, the team can provide business advice; training and internal reviews to ensure you are up to date with the changing face of employment law in Australia.

Our team provides a high level of human resources, employment relations consultancy advice and project management services to assist organisations in achieving their business goals. Our expertise allows us to manage complex projects with a broad range of contemporary human resource issues such as:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Industrial/Employee relations
  • Discipline
  • Grievances
  • Employment conditions
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Restructuring
  • Termination and organisational change

Our solutions enable our clients to focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives. We will identify and investigate organisational issues, recommend change options and their implications, and facilitate the implementation of change plans.

We will work in partnership with your organisation to address Human Resource and Employee relations issues, delivering cost effective and creative solutions specifically designed to resolve complex problems. We ensure your needs are understood and the culture of your organisation acknowledged in order to facilitate quality human resource management practices.

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Managing Organisational Change

The team have experience working with Government and industry in managing organisational change.

We have worked with many businesses to assist them in the development and implementation of a structured change management program.

Scott Paine Consulting have PROSCI accredited Change Managers who adopt the PROSCI ADKAR Model when developing change management programs to enable groups or individuals to transition from the present state to the desired future state, in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Whether your business needs to make changes to policies, procedures, performance measures, governance or organisational structures, Scott Paine Consulting can help you manage the change effectively and efficiently

Audits & Compliance Reviews

The team have experience working in regulatory environments of the Government and offer businesses valuable insight to ensure they are complying with appropriate legislation.

Whether it’s health and safety or employment law, the team can review your health and safety management or human resource systems and records to assist you in managing your compliance under a myriad of dynamic business laws in Australia. We can provide you with cost effective audits by RABQSA Qualified Auditors to help you determine, before the regulators do, any potential compliance issues within your business. We have undertaken a range of HR policy, time and wage, records, national self-insurer and health and safety system audits for businesses across Australia, and helped hundreds of employers understand the changing face of OHS and employment law.

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Risk Management

Our team can help you objectively identify and quantify the risks and control practices within your organisation, or perhaps specific to key organisational projects. After assessing your risk control practices we will provide clear advice on how these can be improved through the implementation of procedures, training and physical changes to eliminate or minimise risks.

Risk assessments are complex processes that involve numerous factors including the monitoring and investigation of the workplace environment. The comprehensive knowledge and experience in dealing with any hazard, is fundamental in providing effective risk management.

Our team can help you objectively identify and quantify the risks and control practices within your organisation. After assessing your risk control practices we will provide clear advice on how these can be improved through the implementation of procedures, training and physical changes to eliminate or minimise risks.

We can help reduce your organisation’s insurance premiums and minimise the cost of workplace injuries with our expert advice and tailored risk management practices. The team can also provide ongoing risk management consulting services to help you long term business goals, and will assist at any stage of the risk management process, including workplace risk inspections and specialist advice to assess your risk and identify cost-effective controls.

The team also includes professional scientists who can assess workplace risks using industry recognised scientific equipment and government approved risk assessment procedures. Once the workplace risks are quantified, we are able to provide effective recommendations to eliminate or reduce workplace risks. Our professional scientists can provide assessment and management in the following workplace risk areas:

  • Airborne chemicals, dust, mould and noise assessments
  • Dangerous goods / hazardous substance transport, signage and storage requirements
  • Asbestos and hazardous building materials risk management
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • fixed and mobile plant risk assessments
  • confined space assessments
  • ergonomic and human factors investigations

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